F- Floating Shelves

  If you are unaware of this term all together, floating shelves are shelving system directly mounted on the wall with no support from the ground. These are favored by a lot of people and designers too as they don't occupy the floor space and provide extra storage and display area. As these are at... Continue Reading →

E- Eclectic Decor and How to do it the right way.

Eclectic decor, new to this term? by the end of this post you just might be a very well versed with it. So, what is eclectic decor and why is it a part of 21st century modern decor. If you are an artistic person you know the struggle of saying 'No' to any new and... Continue Reading →

D- Dining Area Decor

In this modern day and age we are losing the in person meetups, now almost everything happens online. I personally feel hosting lunch and dinner parties can really help in bonding people after all families that dine together, live together. So let's see how to decorate the area that brings families and friends together i.e.... Continue Reading →

C- Commercial Space Decor.

Commercial spaces are no longer a dull and boring environment, in this modern era people are well aware of how much a good/ bad ambiance can impact on productivity of an individual. These days we see the most lavish and welcoming interiors in business parks like never before. Now is the time where people have... Continue Reading →

B- Balcony Decor.

When it comes to naming the most relaxing and refreshing part of my house, my answer is the balcony. Decorating a balcony is often overlooked, and that is really sad. A balcony has a lot of potential and you should not give up on a space like so. When you are living in a multi-storied building... Continue Reading →

A- Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture and Interior design are like birds of the same feather, they a bound to flock together. Me being an architecture student myself I would love to give an insight of how architecture and interior design are connected and how it is beneficial to have an architect to do your Interior Design. One very important... Continue Reading →

A-Z of 21st Century Interior Design.

I know, I have been away for quite a while now; but it happened because I was planning for something very exciting. I am taking the blog-chatter A-Z blogging challenge and I will be sharing a lot lot about Interior Design for today's day and age. So get geared up for the same. Here's is a... Continue Reading →

9 Ways to create Beach and Nautical themed spaces.

I was thinking of doing some themed interior decor posts on this blog, so why wait? let's start doing those with this one itself. As you must have guessed from the title, today we are going to be talking about how you can decorate your space with a nautical or beach theme. This shall be specially... Continue Reading →

10 things to know before you buy RUGS.

Living in India, Rugs is probably the last thing that I would think to add in my decor. But, if you know me you know I am very fond of fabrics, and the way the uplift the interior to a whole another level. be it curtains, pillow cases, upholstery, throws, carpets or even rugs; knowing... Continue Reading →

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