R- Romantic Interiors.

  A bedroom is a very special place for a couple, it's their little paradise for them. Specially while doing interiors for young couples ( I mean the ones young at heart as well), a bedroom needs to be more than just comfortable and functional; it's got to be very romantic as well. So let's... Continue Reading →

N- Neutral Interiors.

Modern interior design is often considered synonymous with neutral interiors, why so? it's because neutrals are classic and contemporary at the same time. It a common misconception that neutrals are boring, in this post I am going to prove it wrong by showing you how stylish neutrals can be, and what makes them the key... Continue Reading →

M- Man-cave.

I did a post a while back, Interior Design 101: A “Woman’s Cave” essentials. and I really enjoyed working on it and coming up with some absolute essentials that a woman should have. Now let's give some attention to men, I believe everybody should have a space for themselves where they can enjoy their 'me time'. Disclaimer:... Continue Reading →

L- Luxury on a budget.

Luxurious living is the goal for a lot of us, isn't it? life is too short to wait, if luxury is what you want to live in then why wait? In this post we will discuss five very important elements that can transform the look of your home without breaking your bank. I am not... Continue Reading →

K- Kitchen Islands.

In this blog post we are going to talk about something very near and dear to a lot of women, yes we are going to talk about 'kitchens', actually 'kitchen islands' to be specific. We are quite known to the basic design of the kitchen these days, although I feel every kitchen has it's own... Continue Reading →

J- Jovial Decor.

Bright colors and patterns can bring in a lot of positive energy and freshness. Specially if you have kids, they will love it. As they bring so much joy, let's call them jovial decor and let's see how to style the same. Image source When you are working with such bright colors, it is quite... Continue Reading →

I- Ideas, Inspiration and Interiors.

Today's post is going to be very different and personal than the rest of my posts in the A-Z challenge, that's because I am going to tell you why am I blogging? and why about Interior design? I have discussed certain things related to this in my previous posts,  but they are all scattered and... Continue Reading →

H- Home Office Essentials and Decor.

The month of April is being very exciting and full of fun with the 'A to Z challenge' and I am loving it. Found a lot of new bloggers through it and also read a variety of new topics and different perspectives, looking forward to more. Now that we are taking about blogging challenges and... Continue Reading →

G- Geometry in Interior Design.

Talking about 21st century furniture, we possible just can't skip geometric decor. Clean lines, sharp edges and basics cream 21st century modern. We have seen bulky, curvy furniture with intricate carving and details in the past but today basic shapes are making a mark, they look extremely stylish and classy. Today's interior design is all... Continue Reading →

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