M- Man-cave.

I did a post a while back, Interior Design 101: A “Woman’s Cave” essentials. and I really enjoyed working on it and coming up with some absolute essentials that a woman should have. Now let’s give some attention to men, I believe everybody should have a space for themselves where they can enjoy their ‘me time’.

Disclaimer: I will be giving references from T.V. series, can’t help it, I love them. In fact Harvey Specter from “Suits” is my inspiration, I love his personality and style to the core(and have a huge crush on him). Other than him, Barney Stinson is my favorite comic character ever, so he has to be in this as well.

What is a man-cave?


Man-cave is nothing but a space dedicated by a man all to himself or his male friends. It is basically a place where men can just chill and do their favorite things like playing their favorite video games, partying, watching their favorite sports, practicing their hobbies, or just chat (trust me chatting is not just a girl’s thing, boys love talking too).

Bachelors might connect a lot with this theme, a space filled with just men’s stuff-no floral prints, no make-up products, no glitter, etc. Simple, classy, sophisticated and filled with tech items is a paradise to men, and a man-cave is just a reflection of the same.

Express your personality.

Suits - Season 5

If you are a guy and have a room all for yourself, change it into your man-cave where you can do all of the above. Have your friends over some days and enjoy together, after all you need to discuss the last football match you saw, don’t you? Paint it the color of your choice, display your sports collection, just like Harvey does in his office, hang your beloved guitar on the wall, your space should speak your personality after all.

Comfortable seating.


Assuming you’ve watched ‘Friends’ it’s just what Joey and Chandler lived in, It was their man-cave, remember those lounge chairs? Comfort comes first, no matter what room we are taking about. Have your accent chair, which will relax you when you want, where you can work comfortably or where you can sit and play video games on.

So what are you going to have in your man-cave? Is binge watching series your favorite thing to do, or is it just me? If it is, let me know what your favorite one is. You may be a man or a woman, we all need our space. We all need somewhere we feel like real us, it doesn’t need to be a whole apartment or a room, it can be a little corner too, just take some effort to make it your own, it will be a treat to yourself.

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    1. Yeah me too, I love flowers but floral prints are certainly not my thing too. I would ask my future husband to have something like this and then I would use it more than him😅😅


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