Beautiful Mahabaleshwar.

mahabaleshwar feature.jpgAs we are coming to the end of the year, it’s making me a lot nervous; If you are wondering why? I made it my goal to complete 50 posts this year i.e. before 31st December 2016 and I am still at 46 posts. I thought I can’t give up on this as I already have more future commitments to keep up with, so I’ll be blogging back to back everyday till Christmas. I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally geared up and excited for the new years and let’s end this year with a blast.

So, if you follow me on Instagram (@ankibhoye)  you must be already aware of my trip to Mahabaleshwar this past weekend, it was a great relaxing and refreshing trip which has stuffed me up with so many great memories. We had and amazing trip and now that I am back I feel we live in such a noisy and polluted environment. See I am not saying Mahabaleshwar is free of pollution or anything, but it is very well maintained and there are dense forests all around, which really clean the air and trust me you will feel the freshness in the air once you are there.

Talking about the weather, it’s a lot cooler than Mumbai; I mean A LOT and I was thrilled by the dense tress, the variety of flowers, the beautiful birds chirping around, the clear blue sky and also the CLEANLINESS of the place, it’s quite difficult to keep a tourist place clean, as we all know, people litter >_<, but Mahabaleshwar is seriously doing a good job.

Enough of blabbering now, lets check out some picture that I clicked.

  • Pratapgad Fort.



Beautiful flowers used in landscaping.


  • Arthurseat Point.






  • Mapro Garden.



  • Sajjangad.


I hope you liked this post and do let me know if you are a nature lover like I am. Hill-stations are great tourist destinations for me, I would love to know what’s yours?


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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Mahabaleshwar.

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    1. After living in a very crowded city, that felt really calming to me. I don’t know how it was earlier, but I am sure it would have been much more beautiful before, being a tourist destination it might have ruined it’s charm a little, but still it feels amazing to be there. I too love Mahabaleshwar the way you do 😊😊


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