Interior Design 101: Cleaning and maintaining sofa the right way.

We have already seen how to choose the right kind of sofa for your needs, how to arrange and decorate your sofa; now comes the time for the last and probably the most important part, cleaning and maintenance of the sofa. So let's begin. General cleaning ways Slipcover. To keep your sofa off the stains... Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Arranging and styling sofa.

After a long break to this series I am back with a very interesting and fun topic to talk about which is the correct way of¬†arranging your sofa and ways to decorate it according to your style preference. So be ready to re-decor your sofa and trust me, this shall give¬†your living room even more... Continue Reading →

25 before 25

  I was thinking of doing a fun tag on the blog since quite some time now and I came across this really cute one "25 before 25" tag. I thought it will be fun to do and also a little motivating to myself as whenever I feel low I can come back here and... Continue Reading →

Interior Design 101: Selecting the perfect sofa.

What is that piece of furniture that you first notice when you go to somebody's place; I notice the sofa and I am quite sure you do it too. According to me, a sofa is the king of living room furniture and it is very important to make it your best buy. As this topic... Continue Reading →

A little tale of our friendship.

Today I am going to tell you guys a small story about a very sweet thing, FRIENDSHIP. I am an architecture student, and this course is full of a lot of challenges, adventure, research, design, art, fun and many many memories. I share these moments with a small set of people, these are my besties... Continue Reading →

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