Monsoon style tricks and tips.

I personally love enjoying rains, but it is not my favorite season for many reasons one of which is that this season is HIGH MAINTENANCE, and for a lazy girl like me it is a lot to handle. So, here are some tricks that I follow to make my life easier and get through this challenging season.

1. Rain Protection.


Raincoats, umbrellas and windcheater are a necessity to keep you protected from the rains. You don’t need to think of them as an added junk in your bag, play with it instead; go for trendy patterns and colors and rock your monsoon style.

Image source:  1, 2.

2.No cotton clothes.

Ditch jeans, they absorb moisture easily and do not dry soon, you will notice even when a slight part from the bottom is getting wet, the water gets absorbed and the dampness goes higher, if you just can’t skip your good old denim, go for caprees and shorts, but a total No for the regular jeans. Also, the cotton clothes, especially denimwear does not dry fast, if you happen to wash it during a gloomy day, it will take forever to dry. This is an ideal season to wear leggings, skirts, shorts, palazzos, so ho try them, they are a lot more comfortable to wear and also keep you away from dampness.


Wearing the right footwear is as important as wearing right clothes.No slippers, I know when you think of monsoon footwear you probably think of slipers as the go to option, but slipers are a crazy option, although comfortable to wear, they bounce mud on your clothes, expirienced that? your slipers are doing that. Next is a total NO to leather footwear, as it cannot withstand dampness at all.

So what to wear? Go for colorful plastic or latex sandles, they work really well, keeps the moisture off from your feet and are also comfortable to wear and low maintenance. They are airy, and thus help to keep all the fungal infections away, which is am important concern in monsoons

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4. Outfits.

printed flowy dress

No whites, as they tend to get transparent on getting wet and you certainly wouldn’t want that. Same goes for other pastel shades Instead go for bright n deeper colors, as they avoid such situations even on getting wet. Go for prints and textures as it also helps to camouflage and hide your inner-wear, as they can reveal when clothes get wet and stick to the body.

Also, avoid body hugging clothes as they are very uncomfortable for this season, go for flowy clothes instead. Keep in mind the length of the outfit too, as it gets windy this season, opt for rather manageable length and avoid too short flowy clothing. Avoid layering clothes too, they will just get things complicated, the only thing you should layer on is a raincoat/windcheater. Don’t wear clothes that leave dye, or else you will have a mess to handle.

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5.  Hair.

Do not go for complicated hairstyles, as if hair gets wet, it has to dry fast, if your hair stays wet for long it can cause fungal infection and also can be an invitation to illness, so its ideal to keep it loose in monsoon.

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6. Accessories.

Avoid metal accessories as they can rust and get spoilt, also avoid leather belts and bags for the same reason. Instead go for plastic accessories in fun colors. They are easy to maintain in this season and also are available in some cool variants to try. Also give your costly watches a break.

Image source:  1, 2.

7. What to carry in your bag?

Carry plastic bags always, because you never know what you will need to protect from getting wet, an emergency plastic bag is a savior. Also carry an extra napkin to deal with any mess if necessary, it is also handy to wipe wet hair and body.

8. Nails.

Paint your toenails, they firstly look amazing and it also act as a barrier between your nails and the external water thus protecting them.

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I hope this post helps you in some way or the other. Also, I would love to know what are you tips and tricks this monsoon.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. I am not a beauty or fashion expert; being an enthusiast I have found some cool tips and tricks that work very well for me, based on that I write those posts. What works for me may or may not work for you, but all my opinions are honest. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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