​Negativity that is filled with positivity

Hello cuteness, Today I am going to talk about something that has helped me a lot to push myself into getting better, We all go through rough patches and we all meet people who we wish should have never come across, who just come to seek happiness in seeing us suffer, you are not the... Continue Reading →

Monsoon style tricks and tips.

I personally love enjoying rains, but it is not my favorite season for many reasons one of which is that this season is HIGH MAINTENANCE, and for a lazy girl like me it is a lot to handle. So, here are some tricks that I follow to make my life easier and get through this... Continue Reading →

15 Quotes that motivate me.

When I feel low or unfocused, I go through my Pinterest board 'Quotes' which has some motivational quotes and also find some new pins to pin on that board. It really helps me to feel inspired and makes me do some work. Here are my 15 most inspiring quotes, see how you feel after reading... Continue Reading →

10 Indoor plants that grow well in Indian weather + DIY pots ideas.

Today is 1st of July and Maharashtra government has decided to plants 2 crore plants, also known as #maha2crplantation , so taking that inspiration, I decided to plant at least 1 and relish it. Also, to promote this cause I am writing this post, so that even you can participate in this big moment. Plant an... Continue Reading →

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