Fiction fashion: Game of thrones season 6 best fashion moments

Game of thrones season 6 had an amazing finale. So many twists and turns, really can’t make a decision which one was the MOST SHOCKING. Don’t worry I am not here to give any spoilers, I know how disappointing it is. Other than it’s strong story-line, and unexpected twists Game of thrones is also well known for its overall execution; the royal sets, realistic animation, amazing styling, talented actors, the list goes on and on. In this post lets go through some of the fashion moments we saw this season.

Since season 1 I have always admired the styling of the characters in the game of thrones. Be it a servant or the queen, everybody’s look is on point. The clothes, accessories, hair, make-up, everything is done with so much of thought and detail, you just can’t miss appreciating it. Here is my take on that, lets see what season 6 fashion says.

1. Cersei Lannister.

cersea epi 1BN-NR786_gotep1_J_20160424073740cersei-xlarge_trans++go39pNpFMM7pPWHPnmqV_O8I02oH7L-iM-jArkV8ZyI

got6.7cersei.0maxresdefault (1).jpg

I have loved Cersei’s gowns since day 1, but this season we see a particular new style element added to all her gown, She always wore really oversized bell sleeves, which give a vintage look ( which I absolutely love), but this season we see beaded embroidery on the shoulders, which stands out. With nothing much around the neck, the details really stand out, giving the gown a whole new dimension. I dig shoulder pads, they look really sexy, and the queen slays in them.

2. Stark sisters.


This season was the biggest turning point for the Stark sisters. Both Sansa and Arya went from miserable to powerful (shh, that’s all I am going to say) and that shows in their styling too. Sansa being in the North was seen rocking the cape over her gown in the initial episode, which I this is a great idea in layering clothes for summer, and as it’s game of thrones, details matter, look how perfect fit and drape of the cape is. Nextly we see the fur shrug over a black gown, with the stark wolf embroidered on it. Sansa sitting gracefully on the horse ready to take what she wants, her confidence shows in her attitude and dressing.
Arya is the love of my life, she has been through a lot and has learnt a lit, she is now a grown girl and it shows in her outfits too, we saw a lot of layering with bright but neutral colors, she does all her stunts in these clothes, they have git to be really comfortable as well.

3. Ellaria Sand and Oberyn’s daughters.


Ellaria is one strong woman and so are her girls. They dress as warriors too, ready to fight for what the want. Nice colorful gowns with leather details and leather accessories, they are both fierce and beautiful.

4. Melisandre



Melisandre is a cunning women and it shows in how she dresses, everything is red, the color of fire. Not much has changed in this season, the same bell sleeves and same red hair, this season we just saw a small addition a red fluffy shawl, but none the less, she has always looked pretty and continues with it this season too.
We saw one more red woman this season, did not really get what her name is, but she is as beautiful as Melisandre, and wears very similar clothes and accessories, so what do think who rocks it better? I likes them both, they both carry their characters with great grace and power.

5. Gilly.


Enough of seeing Gilly in rags, look how pretty she looks in this white and metallic gown, she says ” it’s difficult to walk in this”, but its certainly is worth it. She has shocked us with this look in this season, she never looked to cute before. Those puffed sleeves, the color- blocking and those beautifully curled hair, isn’t she adorable?

6. Missandei.

missandeiMissandei d

This women can rock anything and everything, we have seen her wearing very feminine, colorful dresses before, but this season was all about the warrior looks. She was,seen wearing dark grey, blue body armor inspired outfits, but not compromising on her sex appeal. She is confident and she knows her responsibilities, and dresses accordingly. For me, she is one on the most stylish characters of them all.

7. Khaleesi


deanerys s06


Last but not the least, our very own Daenerys Targaryen, she is the moat loved character of them all, the mother of dragon never fails to look her best, she has looked beautiful even in dirt and wearing rags, who can do that. This season we again saw her in rags for a little while, but otherwise see in these pictures, she dresses like the QUEEN that she is. Those simple,elegant dresses, strong accessories and footwear, she slays in them.

So who has been your favorite this season? I am already excited for the next one, are you?



3 thoughts on “Fiction fashion: Game of thrones season 6 best fashion moments

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  1. I am very excited for the next season, just not this long wait. šŸ˜›

    However, I’ve always loved Margaraey, Sansa, and Darnaerys’ styles a lot! I feel the way Sansa dressed in the first 3 seasons, she looked very much like a young girl… it’s not until she becomes Lady Bolton and deals with Ramsay’s abuse that she has this fierce attitude and the state of her clothes changed along with her.

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    1. Exactly, i love that they change their wardrobe according to what is happening to the character, we saw how Daenerys has changed her look depending upon the situation, and Arya too, actually almost everyone.
      The men are also dressed amazing, I love their styling too.

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