10 mess-free home remedies against tanning.

Summer comes with vacations, travel, outings and fun. One more thing, it comes with sun-tan. No matter how much I protect myself with sunscreen, I always get a stubborn tan on my face and exposed parts of the body, resulting in uneven skin-tone, which is something I am not a big fan of. I like my dusky skin and this is not going to be a skin lightening DIY, to me sun-tan causes a lot of dark spots (intensifies the existing ones), and dullness with is not presentable at all. India being a tropical country, its always sunny here and its harsh, you get easily tanned here. This post is about curing discoloration from sun tan and not about skin lightening.

Being a lazy girl, I really avoid making complicated masks for such things, as I know I will use it once or twice and not do it on a regular basis. So I have found these 10 mess-free home remedies against tan which are really easy and perfect for lazy people like me, and most importantly, they work.

1. Ice.


Just grab an ice cube and massage it on your face, it soothes your skin thus reducing the melanin production of the skin and helps your skin to cool down and freshen up. It tightens the skin thus making it look more supple. I do it when I come home from the scorching sun, its very relaxing and calming for both my skin and me.

2. Aloevera gel.

Aloe vera

Apply a thick coat of aloe gel, fresh or packaged (whatever you can get your hands on) on the tanned area, keep it for 20-30 mins and wash off with cold water. You can also use the packaged aloe vera gel as a toner in your night time routine and let it stay overnight, aloe vera is nourishing for your skin for more things than just de-tanning.

3. Lemon.


Squeeze some lemon juice and apply it on your tanned hands and legs, its especially good for elbows and knees.Keep it for 15-20 mins and wash off. Remember that lemon is highly acidic and gets the pH of your skin really low thus making it more sensitive to sun. So make sure you don’t apply lemon juice before stepping out in the sun, or else it will give you the worst possible tan ever. Its good to be done i the evening or at night. Do not put lemon juice on your face directly, it is too strong for the delicate skin on your face.

4. Lemon and glycerin.

As I said lemon juice can be too harsh for the face, you can mix it with equal amount of glycerin and apply it on your face before sleeping, avoid getting close to your eyes. Do it continuously for a week and you will see visible results. This one is my personal favorite to get rid of the nasty tan, this always works for me

5. Plain milk.


When you come home after a day spent under the sun, you see discoloration and dullness. You know you need to work your way to get rid of it, to begin with you can start by cleaning your face with milk (acts just like cleansing milk), it will deeply cleanse your skin and the  acid in it will help to remove tan. It’s a very mild acid and is very easy to use, just cleanse your face, and let it dry for a few moments and then wash away.

6. Yogurt.


If you are lucky enough to have some yogurt in your kitchen, use it the same way as the milk, its more acidic, thus it works faster than the milk, but it’s still mild enough to put on your face directly. This can be used on the rest of your body as well.

7. Flour ( whole wheat/ refined).


Masking is one of my favorite things, but too many ingredients and that mess freaks me out. This mask is literally one ingredient and is very easy to use. Take 2 spoons of flour, whole wheat or refined, both work; and make a paste using plain water and apply it as a mask and wash off once dry.

8. Tomato.


My mum de-seeds tomatoes before using them in our meals, I just collect it in bowl and then use it as a mask, it’s great to get rid of tan and bring a healthy glow. juice out of one tomato is enough for the whole face. As even tomato contain acid, keep it away from your eyes.

9. Potato slices.


Rubbing potato slices on any kind of pigmentation helps in curing it. Rub freshly cut potato slices on the tanned area until it gets dry, you can use this near your eyes as well. It has bleaching agents which help in clearing the tan.

10. Rose water.

rose water

Facial mists are talk of the town, spritzing rose water on your face now and then when you are in the sun will sooth the skin and help avoid tanning to a certain level, Also, rose water can be used instead of plain water in masks to make them more effective.


P.S. All thoughts and views expressed on this blog are my own. I am not a beauty or fashion expert; being an enthusiast I have found some cool tips and tricks that work very well for me, based on that I write those posts. What works for me may or may not work for you, but all my opinions are honest. About interiors, I am studying architecture and those posts are based on what I have learnt until now.
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