5 Vintage Lamps that will make your Home look Royal

I have always loved vintage themed interiors and to me it brings a sense of royalty. And those vintage furniture pieces, the carvings, the use of wood and metal, all have my heart.So, today I am sharing with you 5 vintage lamp designs that will instantly give your interiors a touch of royalty.

1. The wall lamp


Source: www.aliexpress.com

This wall lamp looks gorgeous, don’t you agree? These kind of lamps can be used in interior decor or as outdoor lighting as well; both ways it is going to be perfect. These are especially great with high walls, and also when you want your light to be at your desired height. You can use a pair of these in a room and your room will transform.

2. The lanterns


Source: www.etsy.com

I am quite sure you must’ve seen this one at any historical museum or even in some old house, these were common lighting used some decades ago. Initially these were lit by kerosene using a wick, but that’s not needed now, you can use such lanterns with electric bulbs and that will be all. If by any chance you happen to have some old lantern in your collectibles,  you can just get it painted in some metallic color and fit in a bulb and you can start using it, this will be such a cool idea to put your collectibles into use as well.

3. The Pendant lamps.

vimtage lamps 2

Source: www.ebay.co.uk

Pendant lights are a trend, I love it too. They are specially good for lighting over the dining table,a bar counter or even over an island kitchen. These vintage designs can really light up royalty in the room. Using only one of these can also be a wise choice, or else pairing them as above will also work perfect.

4. The colorful table lamp.


Source: www.maela.net

This beautiful colored glass table lamp will serve the purpose of adequate dim light and a pretty piece of art in your bedroom. It will look amazing on your side-tables. The detailed colorful painting makes it a perfect piece of art. The metallic bottom makes it sturdy and easy to keep the delicate glass shade safe.

5. The golden table lamps.


Source: www.maela.net

Want to add royalty on your work-desk?? This is how you can do it. Adding this kind of vintage metallic table lamp will really bring a class in your work environment. I personally think work space is the most important space to pay attention to, as all your output depends on it,so why not give it that special treatment so that it serves you the best.

Tell me if you would like to add something vintage/ faux vintage to your interiors; be it furniture,or anything; also, if any of these have made you want them. The lanterns are my favorite, as I feel more connected to them, whats your??



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