Garnier Men Intense fresh energising gel face wash

Okay, Its a men's face wash and I am reviewing it as I used it, it's strange, I get it. Don't judge me please, my brother got it for himself and it caused him to break-out, which is totally not cool. It was lying in my bathroom for I long time until I thought of... Continue Reading →

Fiction fashion: Game of thrones season 6 best fashion moments

Game of thrones season 6 had an amazing finale. So many twists and turns, really can't make a decision which one was the MOST SHOCKING. Don't worry I am not here to give any spoilers, I know how disappointing it is. Other than it's strong story-line, and unexpected twists Game of thrones is also well known for... Continue Reading →

10 mess-free home remedies against tanning.

Summer comes with vacations, travel, outings and fun. One more thing, it comes with sun-tan. No matter how much I protect myself with sunscreen, I always get a stubborn tan on my face and exposed parts of the body, resulting in uneven skin-tone, which is something I am not a big fan of. I like my dusky... Continue Reading →

Best dressed: The iHeartRadio MMVA

The 2016 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards  were held on June 19, 2016 outside 299 Queen Street West inToronto, Ontario, and hosted by Gigi Hadid. Let's see who naile it at the red carpet. 1.Gigi Hadid. Talking about the host herself, lets see what Gigi Hadid wore to start with. The red pant suit with flared... Continue Reading →

Himalaya herbals Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream

There is so much rage about hair creams as an option to hair oil, I had to give it a try. Most hair creams I checked out were quite expensive and the composition contained many chemicals, which made me skeptical to try them. Then I came to know about Himalaya herbals' hair cream, I know this... Continue Reading →

11 Ways to slay the Lace trend

The lace trend is all around, and these cute flirty laces totally make a style statement. Here are some options you can try with it and slay the trend. 1.The sexy lace dress. Source: When you think of styling lace outfits the first thing that has to come in your mind is the sexy lace dress. Just... Continue Reading →

Dear beautiful brown skinned girl

Saw a video about Oprah Winfrey and I touched my heart so deep; she was to advise something to her younger self and that's when she said- Dear beautiful brown skinned girl, and I used the word beautiful because I know that's the word you would never call yourself. The real agenda of that speech was... Continue Reading →

5 Vintage Lamps that will make your Home look Royal

I have always loved vintage themed interiors and to me it brings a sense of royalty. And those vintage furniture pieces, the carvings, the use of wood and metal, all have my heart.So, today I am sharing with you 5 vintage lamp designs that will instantly give your interiors a touch of royalty. 1. The... Continue Reading →

Vaseline healthy white complete 10: lightening & anti-aging lotion.

A good moisturizer is staple in skincare , in summers too. Although I have oily skin but my skin starts looking dull if I start skiping moisturizer. I have always trusted Vaseline for its lotions as they have always worked for me. This summer I tried The Vaseline Complete 10: lightening and anti-aging lotion and... Continue Reading →

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