The Cocktail Affair

Cocktail dresses totally have my heart as they can be paired with so many different kind of things and also for the fact that they serve the purpose for many many occasions. So here are a few combinations that I made.

1. The deep red oneIMG_20160504_153903

Red is for everyone, literally there is a shade of red that works best for you and you can never go wrong with . Here we have a solid red colored dress with a rippling waist and neckline, elegant yet stylish. pair it with some detailed footwear and accessories and you will be good to go. and yes, how can you forget sporting a bold red lip with this, just remember when you go bold on your lips keep the rest of the makeup tamed down.

2. The blue-black one

This very dark blue, which almost look black will be perfect to wear at night, the dress is very simple with no much detailing which give room to accessorizing and giving it flexibility to work for various occasions.

3. The wrapped one

IMG_20160411_123839Teal dress with an high-low hem, a faux wrapped look on the top and a pleated waistline, what else do you need in a dress that will make your look stand out. here, I have paired it with silver accessories, Cinderella shoes, which are every girls wish to own and a stylish silver clutch.For makeup, a cool green smokey eye with neutral lips and blushed cheeks would go fabulous.

4. The edgy one

The color of the dress is so amazing, so edgy and so stylish. I have a thing for floral prints and this dress will tell you why, its a simple dress with no much detailing which is so appropriate for a dress with such kind of print. The print itself gives the dress a cool design and also so many accessories options to play with.
Here I have paired it with black high heels, which make it look edgy black earrings and bracelet. Actually, the accessories make this look edgy , this dress can be paired with floral accessories and will look good that way too.So whats your style, edgy/floral?

5. The animal print one

This crochet brown dress can be styled in so many different ways depending on the occasion. Here I have paired it with leopard prints boots and sunglasses as they compliment the brown so well, those cute earrings and a classy brown handbag. For the makeup brown smoky eyes with nude lips will go so well together.
So, which among the 5 mentioned above took your heart, which one would you like to rock, if not this way then maybe in some other combination, do share your styling tips for an amazing cocktail dress.

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