Risk today or regret tommorrow

START. Doing this is so scary and so intimidating, but you know what everybody dreams of a successful life; but the difference between those who achieve it and who don't is that little act of 'DARE'. All those who have succeed extra-ordinarily in their lives have dared to dream big and do what it takes... Continue Reading →

The Cocktail Affair

Cocktail dresses totally have my heart as they can be paired with so many different kind of things and also for the fact that they serve the purpose for many many occasions. So here are a few combinations that I made. 1. The deep red one Red is for everyone, literally there is a shade... Continue Reading →

Review: Melawash Face Wash

I am suffering from acne and acne scaring since around 4 years, I got it treated by a dermatologist around 15 months ago and my acne has reduced about 85-90 %. I do get 1 or 2 during that time of the month, but I suppose its very normal. My problem is that these acne... Continue Reading →

Getting Formal

Wearing formals gives you a boost of confidence and makes you look classy, but sometimes these things can get a little repetitive and boring. To escape this kind of a situation you can always add some stylish options which will make you look like you are dressed for work without making you look boring. 1.Monochrome... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow could be too late.

I’ve been a NOBODY for a long long time and trust me I’ve had enough of that. I want to achieve great things in life as you do; I deny living my life on how the society wants me too, I want to live it my way, on my own terms, for the happiness of... Continue Reading →

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